Go for spread betting

Spread betting is a betting variant, which offers much bigger emotions and better opportunities for profit from the so-called fixed odds. The difference is in the way that the profit or loss is calculated. Above all, it is important to make a very important clarification. This betting area is reserved for those punters who really know what they do. In spread betting the possibilities of enormous loss of money are big enough, so if you don’t have the needed experience or don’t have big cash it is better not to try with it.

How does spread betting work? They differ from fixed odds in that the final profit or loss is not clear until the last minute of the match. It will be easier to explain it with an example.

Let’s say you have spread bettinga basketball game in which you decide to bet on over or under total scored points. Let us take for example a match between Miami and Los Angeles Lakers from NBA. The under/over total scored points limit given by the bookmaker is 190 points and you decide if you are going to play for an over.

If this match ended with 200 total points scored, your will have profit, but if the match ended with 220 total scored points from the two teams you will have even bigger profit. The same thing would be applied if the game ended with 180 total points scored. Then your loss will be much smaller than if the Lakers and Miami scored just 160 points. I do not want to think what would happen if this game proves to be with the fewest scored points in NBA history. Then the losses will be enormous.

So, let’s say it again. This way of betting is only for people who know what they do and how to do it. If you try the spread betting and find a match, which completely differs from your prediction and this happens too often, then you risk losing large amounts. Just for example, this cannot happen in fixed odds betting where it is clear how much money you risk for every bet.

If you are lazy enough to read, then watch the video below. It is great explanation on how spread betting works.